Branding strategy. Identity design.

Šviežia kava identity

"Šviežia kava" is one of the biggest Lithuanian coffee roasters, importers and traders (in 2017 "Šviežia kava" changed name to "Huricane coffee").
We created the "Šviežia kava" logo, based on the details of older logo - colors, shapes, fonts. In this way, the brand recognition and graphic integrity have been preserved. The top of the cup is made of lips and mustache. Old letters are wrapped up and used to create a new font, as well as icons.

Identity colors are selected motivated: red, as the main one, is chosen for association with coffee berries. Also fire red, as a symbol, for the need for bean roasting. The yellowish-green color symbolizes the quality coffee "sourish ", while the blue is intended for the main part of the coffee beverage - water.

Identity objects include: promotional coupon and discount posters, business cards, coffee boxes, packaging stickers, cups, flyers, discount cards, menu icons based on color codes, navigation icons, interior elements of the cafes and planes.

Art director Marius Bartkus
Designer Jolanta Vasiliauskytė
Designer Paulė Boculaitė

Date: 2011-2017