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LYMEC identity

LYMEC is a political organization of European youth liberals affiliated to ALDE. Representing liberal values in the European Parliament - fighting for freedom of expression, non-discrimination, migration, gay marriage and so on. The organization has about 200,000 members in various countries.

We have been approached by LYMEC (Belgium) to become design partners. The old logo no longer met the corporate identity and even the minimum technical design requirements.

We have created a new LYMEC identity. This design was intended to show that this youth organization is speaking loudly and actively operating. The logo uses the speaker motif and sound wave propagation. Blue represents a masculine beginning, pink represents a feminine one, and the fusion of these colors marks the blurring of boundaries in politics, social norms, and the lives of young people.

Date: 2018-07-27
Art director: Marius Bartkus
Junior designer: Cléa Sudano (France)
Junior designer: Paulina Jančytė