Branding strategy. Identity design. web site design

We received an order from Dr Jaunius Gumbys and Lithuanian Art Fund and created an Internet portal, presenting abundant and valuable collection of paintings, sculpture and books. We decided on the design purposes together with the client: simple, minimalistic and clear design, dominated by art. At the same time we aimed to provide convenient use.

Collection is divided into painting, sculpture and books sections. Additional artwork is arranged according to the author, to In Focus categories and time slots "Colours in time". Colours have the most influence in painting therefore we created "Colours in time" in the title page  – it's an algorythm, which calculates average colour of each artwork and represents it inside a square. Every piece of art is represented by a square, as if it was a pixel. The number of artwork is shown in the time frame and the square functions as a link to the image of the artwork and leads to a more thorough description. We're proud of "Colours in time", because it's a digital painting work of art, where unique painting data was used in a modern way.


Date: 09/09/2016