Branding strategy. Identity design.

Abete Nordico brand identity

We created northern brand identity for Abete Nordico, a wood pellets manufacturer, which exports to Italy. We invoked a motif of the mountain spruce, which represents strong values and quality. The highest quality wood pellets are made from spruce wood. White colour symbolises cold and snow, it provides a contrast to the heat from the wood pellets. 

We designed the following objects: logo (trademark), office documents, a booklet, wood pellet package and a website. 

The perforations pattern in the logo has been borrowed from the wood pellet manufacturing technology, it represents a drum, which is used to press the wood mass to make the pellets. It's also a symbol of the shape of the pellets and abundance. 

We created web site design, prepared CSS files and imported information. The web site is mobile and computer friendly. The home page of the website has subtle mountain animation, which is noticeable when the mouse or a mobile device is moving.